After publishing the, African Hunting Gazette, for so many years, we hope you can see we are serious about hunting in Africa and serious about helping the industry. Many taxidermists have been featured on our pages, and you play an integral role in keeping the memories alive for the hunter, who is our ultimate client. However, at the African Hunting Gazette we have had enough of the unnecessary premium the hunters have had to incur, and so as of September 1, 2016, we established a partnership with a long-established consolidator in the industry to launch AHG Shipping.
We offer a unique solution which we hope you see value in being part of, in your own way.
  • Our partner is a shipping and freight consolidator – so we get great rates for the end client.
  • We don’t need to add crazy US dollars to each kilo of freight shipped to pay sponsorships or huge kickbacks, just to get your business.
  • AHG Shipping is the only AFRICAN TROPHY SHIPPING COMPANY both sides of the Atlantic!
  • We offer a door-to-door service, taking care of your trophies from your operation in Africa, right through to the trophy room overseas.
  • We exhibit at all the major shows in the USA (DSC and SCI) and have done for 17 years
  • We host our own show in Canada and have done for 10 years,
  • So you and your clients can always find us!
  • The savings we can guarantee your client means he will be able to hunt more animals, which means more business for you – which is what it is all about.