You have spent years dreaming of your first safari. you've heard many stories, probably read books and magazine articles on the subject. After agonising who to hunt with and where to hunt, you now have booked everything. But there is one detail you need to think about, which too few consider. What happens to your trophy after the hunt? Sure, the hides need looking after, be it for a rug, shoulder or full mount, and you may have given much thought to the taxidermy work,* but you might not have factored in the shipping of your trophy back home. A real grudge purchase if ever there was one, which has become an increasingly - and unnecessarily - expensive component of the hunt in Africa.  At the African Hunting Gazette we have heard enough about the high premium the hunting industry has been charging you hunters. Therefore, as of September 1, 2016, we established a partnership with a long-established consolidator in the industry to launch AHG Shipping. We offer a unique solution which, in today’s world, is rare. Here’s why:
  • Our partner is a shipping and freight consolidator – so we get you great rates.
  • We don’t need to add crazy US dollars to each pound or kilo of freight just to secure your business. It keeps the cost of shipping down, saves you money, so you can hunt more animals.
  • AHG Shipping is the only AFRICAN TROPHY SHIPPING COMPANY both sides of the Atlantic!
  • We offer a door-to-door service, taking care of your trophies from the taxidermist in Africa, right through to your trophy room, or to your own taxidermist back home.
  • We exhibit at all the major shows in the USA (DSC and SCI) and have done for 17 years
  • We host our own show in Canada, and have done for 10 years,
  • So, you can always find us!
  • The savings that we can guarantee means you will be able to hunt more in Africa – which is what it is all about.
And after publishing the magazine African Hunting Gazette for so many years, we hope you realise that we are serious about hunting in Africa, serious about helping the industry. *We can help you with the list of all the reputable taxidermists to consider.