Save Money – Hunt More

You have spent years dreaming of your first safari.

After deciding where you’re hunting, who you are hunting with, we want you to think about whether you are mounting the trophies in Africa, or sending them back home.

There are pros and cons to both options.

Obviously, if you have a relationship with a taxidermist, or have been specifically referred to one, or want to use one, then the decision is easy. If not, our job is to help you look at the options.

Shipping costs are a serious grudge purchase. We want to make this as inexpensive as possible and are the least expensive.

Further to this, we launched and now offer a unique TTS service.

When we say unique, we mean unique.

A one stop service, one point of contact where we will collect the trophies, arrange to have them mounted at one of our ‘Contracted in taxidermists’. Then arrange the crating, export, import clearing with our associates, or your preferred agent and then arrange delivery to your door. If you need the partially processed hides sent to your taxidermist back home, we will do that.

This unique taxidermy brokerage service ensures we have negotiated on your behalf, the best deal, a prompt turn-around (8 months) and the most cost-effective taxidermist service. The saving you make will help with the grudge purchase of shipping and this is again, all in your best interest.

Quality is a given. We have examples of work at Afton and we can show you all the contracted in taxidermists – PLUS our reputation is at stake.

We are based at Afton, right near Joburg’s OR Tambo Airport. 

We also have a base in the USA at our African Oasis store in Montana, we exhibit at the major shows in the USA (DSC and SCI) and have done so for 20 years and you can always count on us.